Wednesday, September 9, 2009

School started

So Ryan has officially started preschool. wait I'm not ready, can we rewind the last 3 years please?!?!!! The last 3 years have been an amazing journey. One I wouldn't trade for the world, but I do sort of wish as any mom does that time would slow down. I want to enjoy every second even though they are not always enjoyable, I do love being a Mom. It was a blessing that he received SSI and now its coming to an end and in one eye its the worst time possible I'm only working pt/nights and one roommate isn't working, the other took a pay cut a few months back so were not really rolling in the dough so to speak but we still have a roof over our head and food in the house, all is OK. I being the type to prepare for the worst hope for the best, is not doing well in this, but in the other eye if I trust God things will be fine and I know this. I just feel like I'm getting onto a roll-a-coaster and I'm waiting for the first big drop, I know its gonna be fun but do I really wanna do this. This is where I am with my trust in the Lord. I'm climbing that first big hill and I'm starting to think I know you said this would be fun but I'm not sure I wanna do this. I fell I'm supposed to be getting my own/another place soon and I can see it coming but I'm a bit scared cuz I make very little money right now and its Ryan's 3rd day of school is tomorrow and I don't wanna take him out of something he so far seems to like and is good for both of us. I can feel a change coming and I'm just not sure of what. I hope to start blogging a bit more so that I can keep my sanity and see where things go from here. Wish me luck.
As for my friend who's mom has cancer, she is taking her medicine and we shall see how it works. In trying to balance all of this I want to have a family dinner on my day off but that doesn't always work, so we will see if I can make my crazy life work.
My friend who's baby is due next month I haven't seen in a few weeks and hope all is well and can't wait to find out if and when she's having a baby shower so I can get her something cute. I'm excited another little child will be entering the world, they are such a blessing from God.
My engaged friend again haven't seen in a few weeks but need to and enjoy our talks.

I miss having a cell phone, but it wasn't really in the budget. Well its nearing bed time so I'm going to go to sleep, and pry myself out of bed in the AM.