Monday, October 12, 2009

Life cont..

So school has become the routine, and life has started anew. I'm still looking for my own place to live, I know i can no longer afford it myself but I'm hoping I can find a decent place and when I get my taxes and christmas gets closer I can use that to help bump me a bit. We'll see. I have my nervous moments but find myself a bit more calmer after just knowing I'll get where I'm ment to be at some point. I even find myself thinking its possible to date someone with the potential of having a "life" with them. I have come to realzie as simple as the plan I just want to date someone, get married buy a house and have maybe another child. I want to Live, I want to experiace some fun in life but mostly I just want to live life with the one Man who will be what I need when I need it. There is a man at work that portrays this essance, I enjoy working with him and at times wonder if God isn't trying to show me somthing. I'm starting to listen better. I've feel things working and changing in myself. Its stange to say I still don't know what i wanna be when I grow up but I do know I wanna be happy doing it. Well its about time to go get Ryan so tomorrow is job hunting even though I think Macy's is where God needs me to be and I