Tuesday, March 3, 2009

2 weeks

So it has been 2 weeks since reality set in I no longer have to go to work. I the last 2 Tuesday's I've had interviews, the first was on 3/2, which my thoughts are as follows, I had an interview today, the job is basically presentation style sales, which I'm not sure I want to do or can do well, I don't drive, the presentation I can do, pushing people to buy I don't agree with, I don't like to push people. I'm not someone who can make her own schedule, I'll either get too involved in my own life or the other way around, I haven't found my own inner balance so its not easy I do know I'm the kind of "hand" that comes in gets some coffee, and wants to know what needs to be done for the day & get as much done as possible. I'm not sure that this is what i want to do, i know its something i could do for the most part, I would have to pay to get my life insurance licence, along with a drivers license but both of them cost money, and study time, not to mention i just enrolled into Medical & Dental Assisting program though Ashworth College online so this sounds like a bit much, I'm going to pray on it and see what God shows me. I still feel compelled to get more involved in the church I've been going to. We shall see...
The following Tuesday 3/10 I had my interview with AppleOne where they tell me work is slow but the will call me when they get any new opening..little annoying but understandable nor am i trying to stress out about this, obviously its a recession and not all people will and can work, plus companies are getting inundated with applications from all possible candidates so its easy for them to get the right person, not so fair on the applicants part but I see it ya know. Now tomorrow 3/17 I have an interview with Macy's, me of all people.
Yes I'll admit it, I never feel like I'm the pretty one..I don't see myself as someone others would approach at a store and ask about clothes, but I got an interview and that's one step, next Tuesday I have an interview with another temp agency. Yes I am going to put my application in to most temp agencies so I can expand my possibilities of getting a job offer even if its part time temp, its better than the money I get from unemployment, not to mention Ryan's SSI is based on what i bring in so..grr.
Back to School I go, I enrolled in a Medical Assisting course with Ashworth college, which i finally got my "books" with last week or so, So I've finished lesson 1 with a 90% so far so good right. The course is designed to be completed in 6-12 months. That would be awesome for me as now i have time to do the course and can afford it, and i can dedicate time here and there to it. Wish me luck tomorrow....

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